5 Day KETO Meal Plan Lunch & Dinner

5 Day KETO Meal Plan Lunch & Dinner

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All your meals and prepared for 5 days of Keto goodness. 


Please seek medical advise prior to starting Keto.

What I have food intolerance, allergies Celiac or can't have certain foods for medical reasons?
I take your health very seriously please contact me direct via private message, phone 0432 311 316 or email jarplatterketo@gmail.com.

We use nuts and seeds
We do not use any gluten however some wholefood products like seeds can have allergen advice on the packet that they may contain gluten.
We use some soy products.
We use Lupin Flour.
We use dairy

What if I don't like one of the meals or ingredient?
We do try to accomodate, however given the volume of orders we can not guarantee, that it will be reomved.

How many deliveries?
1 x per week

What day is delivery?

What time can I expect my delivery?
Between 5 & 7 pm

What if I live out of the delivery zone, when and where can I pick up?
You can pick up from 4.00 till 5.00
on Wednesday  from our kitchen 177 Durlacher St Geraldton.


What is the delivery cost? Due the volume of deliveries, as of September 1, a delivery fee of $10 will be charged.

What if I am not going to be home?
We request that you leave and esky or cooler by your front door so we can pop your order in there.

Why dont we supply foam easkies or coolers? We try to keep our costs down so we can pass that on to you. One foam esky cost $12, which we would have to add on to your order, not to mention the environment.

When is my next weekly payment due?
If you are on a weekly payment plan please ensure payment is made by Friday evening at the latest, I buy our produce fresh every Saturday, I need to know how many I am cooking for.

Payments MUST be made through our online shop, due to the volume of orders.

Can I eat more than what is provided in my program? For the most part no, however there is a little room, especially if you are active or male. Add in a boiled egg or 2, handful of nuts, half an avo or coffee with cream in it, cold meats and a little cheese.

What can I drink?
Coffee, tea, herbal tea, water, mineral water. No cows milk as it is very high in carbs, opt for cream or unsweetened almond milk.

All meals are labeled for each day, with exception of snacks, you are provided one snack per day, these are often in the same container and you can choose which one you would like on any given day.

Is there anything else I need to know?
Yes! Educate yourself, this page and my closed Keto Community group have a wealth of knowledge on them.

You are responsible for your results, if you cheat it, the program will not work.
You can purchase my Getting Started manual at our online store.

I currently creating a questionnaire that must be filled out prior to commencement of our program, due to the volume of orders I can no longer provide info or ask these questions one on one.

If you have any further questions, please ask here as someones else might have the same questions.

With much love and gratitude Gillian ❤