Keto Getting Started

I don’t know about your but I am ready to say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021! 
Right till the end the challenges keep rolling in! 

Yesterday I discovered our Facebook page had be closed by Facebook. No explanation no way of contacting them, the platform just slammed shut. 
This has been our main source of marketing to date, although ironically I have compiling our email lists. I was feeling more and more the need for a more intimate platform than social media. Although it has its perks and been very good for business, just like many things JPK I think we are being forced in another direction. 
Weight loss struggles are personal and intimate, there can be trauma surrounding the journey, there can be heavy emotions and sometimes shame. This is the stuff no one talks about. 
I know personally how much shame I felt whenever the subject about my weight was raised. I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me whole... talk to me about anything but my weight! 
Obesity is not something I chose, it’s not something anyone chooses! There is always the presumption that a fat person is a lazy pig that sits around stuffing themselves with pizza and coke all day! 
This could have not been more further than the truth for me! I still have trauma that I am working through from being obese most of my life. 
My passion for keto is unwavering no matter what challenges that the business has seen in 2020. 
My vision for 2021 is to be more efficient, to reach more people and focus on the stuff that works for the business and me. As the time rolls on getting better with our systems, communication and community. 
We will be working on our labels for our bread mix, cake mix and pasta, So we can ship them Australia wide. 

I have mentioned several times about Keto Getting Started Workshop a free online training. This is going to happen on Wednesday 30th December @7.30pm. If you haven’t already registered get your email in to receive the link. 

Much love 

Gillian ❤️


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  • Hi! Interested in the getting started online but I’m working an arvo shift Wednesday. Will it be available for me after that?

    Kristal Buchanan

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